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Millennial Pastor Shares Scripture That Helped Him Get Over Church Hurt

Pastor Cornelius Lindsey is a millennial pastor with a thriving church and online following but there was once a time when church hurt kept him from being a part of community.

Now, the 32-year-old preacher, father, author and husband to Pinky Promise creator Heather Lindsey, is revealing the scriptures that helped him overcome the negative issues he held toward church and community. The pastor recalled a time when he preferred to be alone than in a community.

“There was a time when I believed that being alone was more beneficial than being in community—I was wrong. I felt like I could do everything on my own and that I didn’t need anyone else,” the pastor of The Gathering Oasis Church in Atlanta, Ga. wrote on Instagram. “I allowed past hurts to convince me that being alone was more advantageous than being around others.”

He recalled saying things like “You can’t trust anybody” and “I don’t need anyone to help me” while blaming his introverted personality for his feelings and actions. Even though he blamed church hurt for not being able to trust the church, Lindsey admitted that the root of his problems were “drenched in hurt.”

When he read Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, the preacher realized the error in his ways. The verses helped him realize the importance of plugging into a local church and community.

“I had to realize that the same church I felt hurt me was the same place where I’d find healing. To be honest, my hurt was mostly me being offended because I didn’t get my way or because I felt overlooked,” he admitted. “I needed to mature. My inability to remain planted and grow in the midst of adversity was proof of insecurity and immaturity.”

When he learned to let his guard down and looked past his fear of fellowshipping with others to make friends, things changed.

“Truth be told, I’ve found hope in Christ and healing in fellowship with others,” he said.