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Millennial Church Reaches Unbelievers With Services At The Movies

At CityView Church in Phoenix, Arizona you can go to the movies to see the latest blockbuster or worship God.

The church led by Pastor Jeremiah Semmler has a majority millennial congregation of over 350 people. Services are held in the active AMC Deer Valley movie theater where some people may not expect to experience a move from God.

In theater two, they do just that. While some churches temporarily use other buildings until they can find their own space, Semmler is happy with the theater space where his church worships.

“Every Sunday in the theater, more than likely there is somebody that does not know Jesus,” Semmler said in a Biblical Recorder report. “We do not ever plan to leave the theater.”

For the pastors it is amazing to witness to those who arrive at the theater for a movie and leave with a budding relationship with God.

“One of the coolest things is to see someone on their way to the movies end up at church to give their life to Christ,” he said. “We accept people before they have begun a faith journey. We are OK with moving slow.”

The mission of the church is to reach the lost or people searching for more in their lives.

“Our main focus is on people who are searching,” he said. “We identify with people who are looking for a community home.”

The church admits that it isn’t perfect and is looking for members who fit the same description.

“We don’t have it all together and we don’t pretend we do.  But that’s OK because it’s not about us anyway,” says a description of the church on its website. “It’s all about Jesus.We want to help you belong in community, believe in Jesus, and become who Jesus has called you to be.”

To learn more about CityView Church, you can visit their website by clicking here.