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Max Lucado Is Helping People Find Happiness

Max Lucado is giving people the tools that they need to be happy.

The inspirational author and preacher at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas revealed that he is releasing a book this year that will break down how happiness happens and how people can find it.

“My 2019 book is called: ‘How Happiness Happens’. Everyone seeks joy, but few find it,” he wrote in an Instagram message. “Only 33 percent of Americans describe themselves as happy. Why the gloom?”

That’s the question that shapes Lucado’s new book which is scheduled for a September release. Lucado hopes that it can help its readers find lasting happiness.

A description of Lucado’s latest work explains how the author will debunk the idea of what society believes happiness is.

“Max Lucado debunks society’s idea of how to get happiness, leading the reader to the way of life that creates lasting and fulfilling joy, supported by Jesus’ teaching and modern research,” he said. “Why don’t I feel happy? I thought I’d feel it when I lost the weight, got the date, found the mate, or discovered my fate. I’ve worked hard for happiness. Yet, for all their promises, these roads I’ve been down fail to deliver.”

More than sharing his opinions about happiness, the author explores what Jesus says about it.

“In How Happiness Happens, Max Lucado takes a close look at what Jesus says about happiness and how to attain it. Max poses the question, ‘What if there is a different, unexpected path to happiness,’” he questioned. “What if the road is less good luck and more great love, not as much get and all about give?”

With his latest work, the renowned author is not afraid to take a countercultural approach to discovering happiness.

“Countercultural with every turn of the page, How Happiness Happens fights the inclinations we all have and the lies we’ve all been taught about putting self first as the way to capture the elusive yet longed-for ‘happy life,’” he said. “By walking through the ‘one another’ passages found in Scripture, Max equips the reader with both an overarching way of living and practical day-to-day actions that produce a life of happiness and moments of true joy.”