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Magic Johnson Ends 2018 Preaching At Megachurch

The time may be coming for Earvin “Magic” Johnson to add preacher to his resume.

Magic is famously known as the Hall-of-Fame former point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers who now serves as the NBA team’s president. However, on the last Sunday of 2018 the athlete turned mogul stepped into the pulpit at the West Angeles Church of God in Christ and started preaching.

Before he began the sermon called “Getting Ready For Your Miracle,” Magic encouraged people to honor the leader of the Los Angeles, Calif. based church–Bishop Charles Blake.

The charismatic businessman read from 2 Kings 4:8-17 before sharing some anecdotes from his own life.

“So here I am president of the Lakers and I had to make some trades and some moves to put us in the position to be a better team. But I am also the president of my life,” Magic told the congregation. “And I’m seeing all of these thousands of presidents sitting in here today. Sometimes to get your miracle and to get you ready for your miracle you got to trade out some friends.”

He went on to let people know that they may have to trade more than that.

“You’ve got to sometimes draft a new girlfriend,” he said. “So sometimes you’ve got to trade out some boyfriends. You’ve got to do what you need to do to get ready for your miracle.”

Magic revealed why acquiring new friends can position people to receive their miracle.

“I traded some friends. Now I want to be associated with and running with men of God,” he said. “Those who are praising the Lord because they’re going to help me get ready for my miracle.”

Bishop Blake and his wife lady May were in the audience supporting the guest speaker along with Magic’s wife Cookie Johnson. After he stepped away from the pulpit, Cookie took to Instagram to call his sermon nothing short of amazing.

“Look who preached today @magicjohnson! And the topic was ‘Getting Ready For Your Miracle,’” she wrote. “It’s amazing how God can use you in a mighty way…to inspire others. #WontHeDoIt #ProudWife.”


(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)