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Jesus Week XL NYC!

Every day is Jesus day, but for five weeks each year Pastors Dimas Salaberrios and David Beidel “Saturate New York Metro” area with neighborhood outreach programs.

They distribute religious materials to households in the area and couple it with creative events that culminate in a grand finale concert in Times Square! 

“Saturate New York” is part of a larger national project called “Saturate USA.” According to their website, “It is a God-size vision that seeks to take the love of the gospel to 60 million families and homes by the end of 2020, with the goal to help the church ignite repentance and revival in the country.”

This year “Saturate New York” stepped it up, rebranding it as “Jesus Week XL,” with New Jersey and Long Island joining in. 

“We are so excited to see New Jersey and Long Island participate in Jesus Week XL in 2019,” reads a statement on their website. “Through compassionate and powerful evangelical missions movements, the NY Metro will break records this year!”

Back in 2017, the finale on 43rd street saw 14,000 attendees. “People said it was the boldest thing they’ve ever seen,” Salaberrios told The Christian Post

The scripture readings, prayers, and music could be heard as far away as four New York City blocks. 

“The power of the Church impassioned and empowered in Christ, equipped with Gospel resources and strategically aligned to reach every home for Jesus is breathtaking!  Tens of thousands are coming to Christ,” wrote co-founder Rev. David Beidel in an article for the Tristate Voice.  “Saints are being ignited with missional passion as they experience rivers of living water flowing through them. Individuals and families are getting baptized and joining local churches. The Gospel is being preached to the poor, the lonely, the addicted and the afflicted.”

If you missed this year’s events, it’s ok! Head over to the “Jesus Week” website. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved next year. This is an amazing event, don’t be shy, get your congregation involved!