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Hundreds Of People In Texas Church Donate Thousands Of Shoes

A church is partnering with a ministry in San Antonio, Texas to take care of the soles on people’s feet.

Luminous Church  has partnered with Christian Assistance Ministries (CAM) for a campaign called “Soles4Souls.” The church felt led to donate thousands of shoes to those in need, which CAM can help distribute.

CAM provides services like food and clothing to those who need it most in the community. Luminous Church members felt led to contribute to the cause when one person in the congregation shared a story about a boy who had to share a pair of school shoes with his brother.

School officials learned about his struggle when they noticed that he came to school with only socks on some days.

“An administrator asked him, ‘some days, why do you wear shoes and another day you wear these socks?’ He said, ‘well, my brother and I share one pair of shoes.’ And because of that everybody’s heart was gripped,” Luminous Church pastor Benjamin Chapman said in a KENS5 report.

So far, the 200-member Luminous Church congregation has collected $2,000 worth of shoes to donate to those that need them most in the community.

Chapman revealed just how much his church wanted to help those who needed it most.

“They all pitched in, almost every family or every other individual bought a new pair of shoes to donate,” he said.

Now, the church plans to collect and donate shoes for the community three times a year. Chapman explained why the mission to help others in this way is so important for his church.

“Our hope and our vision is to release our time, talent and treasure. So, as often as we can do that, we’re going to do that,” he said. “We feel that we want to be the funnel to bless others.”