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Here’s How This Pastor Meditates On Psalms

There are multiple ways to meditate on scripture and one pastor is revealing the best way that he knows how.

Rev. Westley West, the founder of Faith Empowered Ministries in Baltimore, Maryland, is sharing some tips for meditating on Psalms in a  new interview with Rolling Out.

He began illustrating his point with Psalm 119:15 which states, “I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways.” West explained the importance of meditating on scripture in the midst of diversions.

“Regardless of whether we read the Bible toward the beginning of the day, over our mid-day break, or before bed around evening time, our timetables and obligations will in general ambush us with diversions,” he said. “Truth be told, diversions are a device the adversary of our spirits uses to take our eyes off Christ and to shield us from hearing God plainly in his Word.”

The preacher shared a reminder that meditating on the word of God can help free people from distraction.

“Aleph says in Psalm 119 that he focuses on God’s ways,” he said. “As wayward people with numerous interests, allurements, and individuals competing for our attention, we are incredibly helped by meditation, which drives us to focus on the Lord and block out diversions… regardless of whether just for five or ten minutes.”

When concentrating on the word of God, West said people can discover more clarity in their prayers.

“Concentrating on what we are perusing in the Bible gives us clearness when we go into prayer,” he said. “Meditate to concentrate on how God is addressing you through his living and dynamic Word.”

According to the preacher, developing a relationship with God is one of the most important things that people can do.

“There will never be a relationship in your life that could easily compare to the one you have with God in Christ,” West said. “You could state that you’re a companion of the president or pastor, or maybe even the leaders all things considered, yet, nothing compares to being a friend of God.”