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Here’s How God Changed Heather Lindsey’s Humble Social Media Beginnings


Heather Lindsey has over 450,000 likes on Facebook, but there was once a time where she struggled to get even four.

The Pinky Promise ministry leader who serves as the first lady of The Gathering Oasis church in Atlanta, Georgia has gained a large following on social media. Still, she hasn’t forgotten her meager beginnings about nine years ago when she could count the number of online supporters on one hand.

“I remember when I first really got on social media years ago. While I was in prayer, the Holy Spirit told me that social media was about to blow up and that people would be on social media much more than they would read the Bible or even go to church,” she revealed on Instagram. “So, the Lord told me to start to encourage people with whatever He told me to post. He said although they may not read their Bible – they will read things online. So – direct them back to ME.”

The preacher explained how she obeyed the prompts of God even though she didn’t initially get a large following in return.

“Tell them that I love them & that the plans I have for them are so good. So, when the Lord told me to do this – It was at a time where Facebook had one sentence statuses and only your college friends could be your friend,” she said. “So, I would use it to share Jesus. I just wanted people to know of His goodness.”

Heather posted one of her Facebook notes from 2010 where she only got two likes, and reflected on the moment.

“Here, I’m sharing a note and I really wouldn’t get many likes or even comments at the time but I knew that God told me to do it. That’s all that mattered,” she said. “After this post – God told me to start blogging. I blogged and nobody would read my posts but I kept writing them because God told me to do it.”

After a year of being obedient, Heather began to see God work through her platform.

“Then after about a year of blogging – I looked up and my blog had over 2 million views. I was confused,” she said. “Then I realized that when God calls you – you will always see some fruit on that tree. I’m thankful that God gave me the heads up on social media.”

In true Heather Lindsey fashion, the preacher used her story to encourage others to be obedient to God.

“Did you know that HE can put you ahead of the curve as you seek Him,” she questioned before driving her point home. “You can read all the guru books you want (which is fine) but don’t forget to read the MOST important one – your bible. Let The Holy Spirit lead and guide you.”


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