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Heather Lindsey Reveals Adoption Plans


Heather Lindsey has plans to adopt a little girl.

The preacher, author, wife, and mother of three was adopted as a baby and has a soon-to-be one-year-old little boy. While she admits that parenting three kids under the age of seven is anything but easy, she opened up about her desire to adopt children.

“Although we are being dragged by Roman- adoption is still near to my heart. I saw this study that said if every Christian family adopted 1 child that’s stuck in the system, there would be no need for foster care or adoption agencies. Everyone would have a family,” she wrote on Instagram this week.  ” Things like that stick with me because I was once orphaned before my parents adopted me at 6 months old.”

While she didn’t share immediate plans for adoption, Lindsey admitted her plans for a little girl.

“Although we are being hazed by Roman – there’s still room in my heart to adopt a little girl one day. For anyone considering adoption – thank you and it’s so worth it,” she said. “It will be hard at times but you’re giving a child a second chance. My parents gave me the most loving, caring environment and I’m forever thankful.”


In a previous post written for her blog, Lindsey revealed that God delivered her from having an orphan mentality.

“When God said to me that I am not an orphan, He is saying that I am NOT DEPRIVED because HE is my FATHER. As if God has abandoned me,” she wrote. “When you’re worrying, you are acting as if you are ‘In this alone.’ As a small child, an orphan may feel like they have to worry (especially if they don’t know of Jesus yet) because they don’t have anyone to guide, protect, lead or provide for them.”

When she developed a relationship with God, the Pinky Promise ministry founder said she was officially delivered.

“When I got saved in 2013 and gave my life to Jesus, I was no longer an orphan spiritually. I was ADOPTED into the FAMILY of Jesus Christ,” she wrote. “Because of our sins, Jesus came down to the earth, walked this life sinless, died a terrible death and took on the sins of all humanity. He tore the veil so we could be BACK reconciled with God!”


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