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Heather Lindsey Reminds Us Why We Shouldn’t Force Opportunities


Heather Lindsey is reminding us why we shouldn’t force doors of opportunity to open.

The leader of the Pinky Promise ministry movement and The Gathering Oasis church in Atlanta, Georgia explained why people shouldn’t get too wrapped up in selling themselves to others. While there is value in things like networking, Heather wants to make sure that people are not placing all of their value into the doors that can be opened into their own strength.

“If you are so caught up in networking, selling yourself & whatever else then you may think that any open doors are because of YOU. The danger in that is that God opens & closes our doors and because you kept banging down the WRONG door, it opened,” she wrote in a recent Instagram message. “Now, you are headed down a path that you were never supposed to take. If He wants me to speak somewhere, He will show me. If He wants me on a certain TV show, He will give me peace.”

Heather isn’t losing sleep over the opportunities that don’t work out because her hope is in something greater.

“If He wants me to do anything in my life, He makes it clear. AND if an opportunity doesn’t work out, I don’t lose sleep about it because my hope was NEVER in it,” she said. “I don’t have the time and the energy to kiss anybody’s butt & show them my talents.”


Doing the work of God is far from easy. Trying to get approval from others could be making that work unnecessarily harder.

“I am TIRED daily doing what God is telling me to do,” she wrote. “You will waste YEARS of time, energy and money trying to get those people to approve of you when one moment with God will show you a lifetime of open doors.”


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