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Former Miss Washington Turned Ministry Leader Has A Tip For Overcoming Fear


Allyson Rowe may seem like she has it all together as a former beauty queen who leads a flourishing ministry, but she has no problem sharing her struggles with the world.

In an Instagram post shared Monday night, Allyson explained that she is entering a new season in her life where she is not in control. Instead of being sure of the steps that she is taking, the Christian speaker is leaning on God.

“I’m entering into a season where God isn’t allowing me to see on purpose. He doesn’t want me relying on me,” the Kingdom Crowned Ministries leader revealed. “On my logic. On my comfort.”

The former Miss Washington compared to the experience to the Biblical story of Peter being afraid to walk on water when Jesus called him out of the boat in Matthew 14.

“He’s calling me to step out of the boat. But just like with Peter- we can’t focus on the circumstance,” she wrote. “We have to focus on the One Who changes them.”

Allyson reminded people that they may have to go through seasons of discomfort and testing that the Bible references as the wilderness in order to grow in faith. She invited her social media followers to take the journey through the wilderness to live out their radical faith.

“Sometimes, God will send us into a wilderness season because it’s in the wilderness where we cultivate a hunger, a reliance, a strength, and a trust so deep in Who He is,” she wrote. “If that’s you- I invite you to step with me. To walk in radical faith.”

While radical obedience and faith may be a challenging concept to some, Allyson assured those reading her message that God will meet their efforts with miracles.

“Radical obedience. And watch God do the miraculous,” she wrote. “Because He’s still a God of miracles. And He has amazing things for you- but it requires radical faith.”

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