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Former Beauty Queen Talks About God Helping Her Overcome Insecurities


Allyson Rowe is opening up about how she struggled with insecurities before finding out the truth about her beautiful design.

In an Instagram post, Rowe opened up about the insecurity struggles that some girls are battling.

“It breaks my heart that girls look at the sky and think ‘WOW, God is so amazing,’ but look in the mirror and think ‘Ugh’… as if God didn’t make both,” she wrote. “I used to be that girl. I was a slave to eating disorders, I abused my body, and hated my reflection, and I constantly compared myself to photoshopped images.”

Even though Rowe won Miss Washington USA 2014, the title and platform didn’t exactly help her insecurities. “When I took the title of Miss Washington USA, all of my insecurities were put on a world-wide platform with internet blog sites and social media accounts picking apart every part of my face and body,” she said. “I was labeled the ‘1st transgender to compete in Miss USA’ because ‘I looked too masculine.’ I was ridiculed for not (being) pretty enough. “

There’s a reason that Rowe is sharing her story. She wants people to believe the truth about what God has to say about their appearance instead of lies fed to them by the world.

“I’m saying all of this because what happens is this: When we don’t know the truth, we believe the lie,” she wrote. “We begin to make the LIE our truth and we elevate the enemy’s deception above God’s Truth.”

The motivational speaker with a digital ministry reminded people that they are wonderfully made in the image of God.

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made. There is no flaw in you,” she wrote. “When God made earth, He said it was good. When God made man, He said he was VERY good. And God doesn’t make mistakes.”

Instead of looking to society for validation, she suggested that they remember their creator’s design.

“Stop listening to culture and society who fill themselves with empty lies that will never satisfy their hearts. Validation doesn’t come from image or people,” Rowe wrote. “Validation comes from Heaven. And people can’t validate or invalidate what God has already deemed worthy.”

Making the decision to find confidence in Christ could be something that girls will benefit from in generations to come.

“Let’s be women who raise the standard so our children don’t have to. Let’s be women who refuse to pass our strongholds down to our children because we didn’t take a hold of Truth and choose freedom,” she wrote.  “Let us be women who choose to stand in truth over our image and beauty and set the example for the rest of the world to emulate.”


(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)