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for KING & COUNTRY Luke Smallbone Talks Maintaining Joy During Health Struggles

Christian pop singer Luke Smallbone has battled serious health issues like ulcerative colitis and watched his infant son undergo skull reconstruction surgery. After overcoming those trials, the for KING & COUNTRY singer is explaining how he is able to maintain his faith and joy despite such life-threatening trials.

In a conversation with TBO, Smallbone acknowledged that he and his for KING & COUNTRY bandmate and brother Joel sing a lot about maintaining joy through difficult times. Those themes translate into his personal life.

“I know it’s definitely been a reality in my own life, with circumstances like my own health and other things my family has walked through. There are times when I had the choice to allow sadness to overcome me or to find joy through the different seasons,” he said. “For us, even when I was really sick, it didn’t mean my wife and I didn’t make some beautiful memories together. I had to ask myself am I going to be someone who chooses joy or focuses on what I don’t have.”

Smallbone explained how he views difficult times as positive moments.

“I look back at some of those moments in hard times as being positive,” the singer said. “It’s not possible to feel joy all the time but we can be mindful and change our outlook.”

On a recent Jesus Calling podcast, the singer revealed how much God’s faithfulness is evident in his life.

“And so for me, I can always look back and see just how tangible God has been for me, when I first came to America and then all throughout the marriage and some of the things I’ve walked through personally,” he said. “I’ve just seen God take care of me. And so it doesn’t necessarily make it easy, but I don’t think that we’re we’re short of stories in seeing God’s faithfulness.”