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Five Sermons You Should Listen to Now That Will Encourage You

We all enjoy encouraging sermons delivered by our pastors on Sundays.  But what happens when you need a word of encouragement during the week?  Between podcast and youtube videos, trying to find the right sermon can be a bit daunting given the almost endless amount of options.

We at Ambo TV want to help you simplify your search process.  Here are five sermons you should listen to that will leave you feeling encouraged and empowered!

1. “Help I’m Afraid” by Bethany Ufema

Are you dealing with fear and anxiety? If so, then this message by Bethany Ufema, the Executive Creative Director of Lifepoint Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia, will help calm you.  Through scripture and the use of her personal story, she offers words of wisdom to help you navigate those emotions.  You need not stay in fear.  Listen to her sermon below to find out how.

2. “Dealing with Discouragement” by Pastor Jared Ming

Discouragement is an inevitable part of life.  The question is not if it will happen but when.  What do you do when you are facing discouragement?  How do you move forward? Pastor Jared Ming of Higher Vision in Valencia, California offers three thoughts to overcome discouragement. Click on the link below to find out what they are.

You can also find more sermons from Pastor Jared on Ambo TV’s list of partnering churches.

3. “When The Music Stops: Resting In His Song” by Pastor Jackie Green

What happens when you come down from the joy of receiving a promise from God and have to wait to see its fulfillment? Do you get discourage? Do you allow doubt to bully you? What do you do in that waiting period when the music stops? Pastor Jackie Green from Forward City Church in Columbia, SC preaches about the importance of finding rest in that moment. She encourages us to be still so that we can hear the Lord singing over us. You can hear more of her encouraging words below.

4. “The Winds Are About To Change” by Pastor Paul Daughtery

Are you feeling beat up by life? Do you feel as if it’s been one setback after another?  Pastor Paul Daughtery of Victory Church in Tulsa lets us know that if you are feeling discouraged, you are not alone.  The Apostle Paul also experienced great trouble in his walk with God, but in Acts 28 we see God shifting the winds in Paul’s favor.  Likewise, God will shift the winds in your favor. Take a listen to feel the shifting begin for you.   

You can also listen to more sermons from Pastor Paul on Ambo TV’s under out partnering churches.

5. “Snap out of it!”by Pastor Tye Tribbett

You have received a promise from God, and you believe it will come to pass, now what do you do?  Do your actions reflect your belief in the promise? Sometimes the key to change requires that you change your thinking. Pastor Tye of Live Church in Orlando, Florida, encourages us “snap out of it” by changing our mindset so that we can prepare for the fulfillment of that promise.  Click on the link below to listen to the podcast!