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Five Sermons That Will Improve Your Prayer Life

Prayer is a central part of our our Christian walk. It is how we draw close to God to pour out our hearts and to hear from heaven. While prayer seems straightforward, it is not always easy.  How do we know if we are doing it right? How do we improve?

If you have ever wondered those questions, or if you desire to deepen your prayer life, Ambo TV has five sermons on prayer that will help improve your prayer life.

1.”Talking With God: Part 1″ by Urban D

Pastor Tommy Kyllonen, or Urban D as he’s known, is the pastor of Crossover Church, an Ambo TV partnering church. His sermon “Talking With God: Part 1” comes from a three part series on prayer.  In his series he discusses common questions about prayer, like how do I pray and what happens when what I prayed for does not happen. 

In this particular sermon, Urban D starts the series by addressing a very fundamental question: what is the purpose of prayer. If you are wondering why should you pray, then you will want to listen to this sermon.

2. “Prayer: The HEART of Prayer” by Chris Emmitt

Pastor Chris Emmitt is the lead pastor at another Ambo TV partnering church, Mountain Lake Church. This particular sermon “Heart of Prayer,” is the first in a six-part series on prayer. In this sermon he instructs us on the importance of having the right heart when we pray. 

Praying, at times, can seem daunting because we do not feel like we know what to say. We believe that if we could just say the right words, then our prayers would be more effective. Pastor Chris refocuses us, and lets us know that God is more concerned with our hearts during prayer than the words we speak in prayer.  

3. “God Listened” by Sarah Jakes Roberts

Are you moving at the rhythm of your prayer? In other words, are you truly ready for God to answer your prayers, or do you require more time and information? Sarah Jakes Roberts asks these and other probing questions in her sermon “God Listened.”Sometimes we want more information from God on how God will answer our prayers, but God does not always oblige.

Sometimes God listens and waits for us to step out on faith. Roberts’ sermon does a great job of turning the spotlight on us. Do we really expect God to answer our prayer, and if God does, are we prepared to accepted the answer? Watch the sermon to learn more.

4. “There is No Recovery Without Prayer” by Rick Warren

Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church is a best-selling author whose ministry has encouraged us to live a Purpose Driven Life and gives us Daily Hope. In this sermon “There Is No Recovery Without Prayer,” he shares with us how prayer is an integral part to any recovery process. 

In offering biblical examples, Pastor Rick highlights the role prayer played in the recovery of well-known people in the bible. If you are dealing with what he describes as life’s “hurts, habits, and hang-ups” then you will want to take a listen. 

5. “Prayer Blockers” by William McDowell

If you live long enough, then you will experience unanswered prayers. Sometimes we never know why those prayers go unanswered, but other times, we may be the cause. In his sermon “Prayer Blockers,” Pastor William McDowell of Deeper Fellowship Church offers a sobering list of 10 prayer blockers that may be hindering your prayer life. 

Referring to different passages of scripture, this sermon is sure to lead to introspection, but hopefully without condemnation. If you’re experiencing unanswered prayers this sermon may be the first step to receiving an answer.