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DeVon Franklin’s New Book Explains Men’s Bad Behavior

DeVon Franklin

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DeVon Franklin is revealing how men can get a handle on issues with lust during a time when many are being ousted in sexual harassment and abuse scandals.

Franklin, the Hollywood producer, preacher and bestselling author who has written books like The Wait with his actress wife Meagan Good, is readying a new project called The Truth About Men. While the book is not scheduled for a release until Feb. 5, Franklin revealed what people can expect from it in an interview for the radio show On Air With Ryan Seacrest last week.

While talking to host and producer Ryan Seacrest, Franklin revealed that he would tackle the topic of lust in his new book.

“In the book, I talk about lust operates like an untrained dog in men. And love is the master,” he revealed. “So, as men, in order to get control and have success we have to master our lust because when we see so many challenges that are happening in the world [Times Up, the Me Too movement], I believe it’s because men have given themselves over to lust. Lust for women, lust for money, lust for power, lust for sex, and when we learn to master those things with love for self, love for our community, love for women in our lives, love for family — when we put love in charge, we win.”

According to a synopsis of the book on Amazon, Franklin will explain why men “act badly” in a society that often encourages harmful behavior. More than just examining the issues at hand, the author will offer solutions for both men and women to move forward in a challenging social climate.

“He argues that the same discipline that drives men to excel in their professional lives needs to be applied to their private lives. He uses the analogy of a dog that needs to be trained as a means to explore why bad behavior persists and what can lead men to act against their vows, their integrity, and even their character,” the description of the book states. “He argues that learning to tame the beast is an essential remedy for men who desire to be good men, and lays out a plan for how men can deal with the beast within them: by acknowledging it, holding it accountable with the support of other men, learning self-control, and submitting to God. He also provides practical solutions for how both men and women can encourage better behavior and how we, as a society, can expect better.”