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Danny Gokey Shares Touching Words On Suicide Prevention Day

Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey is using his platform to remind people how important suicide prevention is.

World Suicide Prevention Day was on Monday, and American Idol alum Gokey had a message to share on the day about the topic. The singer took to Instagram to encourage people that have been battling many of the same issues that he has.

“As a public figure, I hear from people on a regular basis who are struggling with loss, grief, depression and anxiety. I think I get these stories because they know I’ve been there too,” he wrote. “I’ve had days, weeks and months where I’ve battled those same issues.  BUT, there is HOPE and that is what people need most to pull out of the dark thoughts that surround them.”

Gokey addressed the fact that a number of people in church struggle with these types of thoughts and explained how important connecting with others is.

“Many are ashamed that they can’t cope, so they put on a brave face when they are literally dying inside. (Especially in the church)  This is why connection to others is SO important,” he said. “I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact of taking a moment to SEE the person in front of you, rather than passing them by. A kind, encouraging word can change someone’s world.”

The singer took things one step further and reminded people that life is worth living.

“Through my music and the message of hope, I’ve heard so many incredible stories of how a spark of hope has changed someone’s perspective and literally saved a life.  Please take time to check in with the people around you,” he wrote. “If you have or are struggling, know that suicide is NOT the answer. There are people who care and most importantly a God who does – reach out for help!”


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