Boxing Champ Roy Jones Jr. At Creed II Premiere: ‘Jesus Rose So We May Have Life’ (Interview) | Ambo TV

Boxing Champ Roy Jones Jr. At Creed II Premiere: ‘Jesus Rose So We May Have Life’ (Interview)

New York, New York– Roy Jones Jr. has made a name for himself fighting for over three decades, but when times get hard the six-time world champion Hall of Fame boxer looks to God.

Ambo TV caught up with Jones on the red carpet for the upcoming boxing film, Creed II starring Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashad, Florian “Big Nasty” Munteanu and Dolph Lundgren. Jones was at the New York City premiere to support the film that centers around Jordan’s character Adonis Creed fighting through trials both in and outside of the boxing ring.

For Jones, faith in Jesus Christ is the key to overcoming tough losses in life.

“Don’t let them tell you that there is no God because Jesus rose so that we may have life. God made us promises that he is going to keep,” the boxer told Ambo TV this week. “I know it may seem bad, but sometimes that bad is to test your faith to see how much faith you have.”

Jones officially retired from boxing earlier this year after a storied career that included an Olympic bout, title belts in four different classes and six world champion titles. This month, he was inducted into the Florida Sports Hall of Fame.

The fighter who has overcome his fair share of struggles in and out of the ring says that leaning on God is the best way to get through tough losses in life.

“Everything that goes on, God is in charge. Most [tragedies], if you believe in God He turns them around and turns them into a positive,” Jones said. “So if something happened to you in life, if you lost things don’t worry about that because if you’ve got faith He’s going to bring back way more than you ever even lost. Don’t worry about what you lose, it’s what you gained in the process of that loss.”

While Jones recently hung up his own boxing gloves, he is still showing love to the boxing community that showed up at the Creed II New York City premiere. Creed II is officially in theaters on Nov. 21.

For a sneak peek of the film, check out the video below where the cast reveals what you can expect from the movie.


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