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Alabama Churches Provide Aid After Tragic Tornado

In the wake of a tragic tornado that swept through Alabama and Georgia Sunday, a number of churches are providing relief.

One of those churches is Providence Baptist Church in Beauregard, Alabama. The church is serving as a Red Cross site by providing shelter, accepting blood and donations.

The Diocese of Alabama released a statement about how they are assessing damage and collecting donations that can help those who have been impacted by the tragedy that took the lives of 23 people including four children.

“As we have learned from past events, it will take days or weeks for us to learn the full impact of these storms, and we will provide information about needs and response as we learn more,” Bishop Kee Sloan said in the dioceses’ statement. “I ask folks to keep the community of Lee County in their prayers, especially those affected by these storms, those that are grieving the loss of a loved one or grieving the loss of their home. Please also pray for the first responders and all those that will take part in the work of recovery.”

Members of the Grant Street Church in Decatur, Alabama have also been collecting food, pet food, flashlights, batteries and empty photo albums for those may have lost priceless pictures.

“A lot of family’s that have lost all the memories that they had, need a chance to restart and we want to provide them their first photo album to say here, start collecting those memories back again,” said outreach minister Cody Michael in a report. “When someone is hurting, how can you make their life better, how can you make things in a better position for them.”

Mark Wakefield, a disaster relief strategist with the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, spoke about the great job that volunteers have been doing.

“The community is doing a phenomenal job,” he said. “Dozens and dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of volunteers are showing up to help, or bringing supplies or bringing in heavy equipment.”