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8 Sermon Series You Should Be Listening To

We at Ambo TV love a great sermon series. That is why we have compiled a list of eight that we think you should add to your listening rotation.

From discussions on faith and family to finding “the one,” these series cover a range of topics that are bound to resonate with you. You can click on the links below to listen to the first sermon in each series.

1. Beautiful — Crossroads Community Church

In this series, Pastor Daniel Fusco discusses the topic of beauty. Why beauty? As the series’ description explains, “Beauty draws us in, convincing us goodness and purity can still be found in a hurting world. That’s because true beauty changes the world. When people live beautiful lives, blessing the people around them and pleasing God, communities are refreshed and revitalized.”

2. Crazy Faith — Transformation Church

Many of us claim to want the type of faith that moves mountains and raises the dead. But having that type of “crazy faith” is hard because it challenges and stretches us in ways we could never imagine. In this series, Pastor Mike Todd and others on his ministerial team talk about what it takes to have crazy faith by discussing the different types of faith!

3. At the Movies — Cape Christian Church

We love how many churches recognize the way movies can function as modern parables to instruct us in our faith. In this sermon series, Pastors Cory and Cindy use five different movies to share the gospel. Spoiler alert, you may only want to watch if you’ve already seen the movies they discuss.

4. All the Family Feels — Mountain Lake Church

Being in a family is one of the most amazing and difficult things in life. In this series, Pastor Chris Emmitt and other ministers talk about what it means to be in a family, which they define simply as “when you’re with the people you love and who love you back.”  In the first sermon on family and technology, Pastor Ted provides a great checklist we can keep to make sure we’re valuing and prioritizing our family over technology.

5. Bae Watch — Change Church

Finding the right person to marry is difficult, especially when we are trying to do so on our own. Pastor Dharius Daniels provides some biblical principles to help in that process in a sermon series cleverly titled “BaeWatch.”

6. Creed — Fresh Life Church

This sermon series is great for anyone who wants to dive deeper into the fundamentals of the faith. In each sermon Pastor Levi Lusko breaks down different portions of the Apostle’s creed as he reminds us of truths we already know while drawing out things we may not have seen before.

7. King of Kings — Lifepoint Church

This is a powerful series that looks at all the aspects of Jesus, not just the warm and fuzzy parts we like to focus on. Pastor Daniel Floyd preaches the fullness of who Jesus is, and in doing so, brings about a deeper appreciation for Him.

8. Prayer — Grace Covenant Church

Prayer is a fundamental part of our faith because it is how we communicate with God. In this series, Pastor Brett Fuller explains prayer and how we should approach it. This message is for anyone who desires to grow in their prayer life, which should be all of us!