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6 Sermons to Start Your Weekend Off Right

It’s Friday, and that means you’ve made it through another week. To celebrate the weekend, we have six sermons that will help you start your weekend off right!

1. Priscilla Shirer: “Remaining in a Leaving Culture”

In a culture that is inconsistent, it is important for Christians to remain consistent, steadfast and unmovable. In this sermon, bible teacher Priscilla Shirer shares wisdom on how to remain consistent in an ever-changing society.

2. Pastor A.R. Bernard: “Wisdom Part 1”

Pastor A.R. Bernard is a preacher that loves to engage the mind, and that’s what he does in this sermon. Before starting he warns the congregation that “he’s about to mess with their head” as he digs deeper into wisdom and understanding the nature of God. This is a great sermon to start your weekend if you desire to study the scripture a little more.

3. Pastor Paul Daugherty: “How to Get a Breakthrough”

Pastor Daugherty understands that waiting for a breakthrough can be difficult. Sometimes praying can feel like hammering against concrete. However, Pastor Paul lets us know that it is that type of persistence that brings breakthrough. Coming from Luke 18:1-8 and Job 14:7-9, he uncovers two important things (1) this persistent widow shows us how to pray, believe and stand for a dream, desire, hope or miracle to come to pass, and (2) at the scent of water, at the scent of hope – it will grow again!

4. Pastor Bianca Juarez Olthoff: “How to Have Your Life Not Suck”

When you doubt the goodness of God, keep going. In this message, Bianca Olthoff takes us through the story of Ruth showing us that when life sucks, we don’t have to. Your next step might be into His blessings.

5. Pastor Mike Todd: Seed under pressure

Sometimes our position in life can feel as if we’ve been buried. But Pastor Mike lets us know that we have not been buried, but planted. This is a great message for anyone who’s feeling defeated, alone, and in a dark place. You have not been buried and forgotten by God, but you’ve been planted.

6. Pastor Corey Demmel: “How to be Rich”

No, this is not a prosperity gospel message, nor is this a call for you to “sow into this ministry.” Rather, this is a look at what the Bible says about money. Inspired by Pastor Andy Stanley’s book How to be Rich, this sermon is the first in a series that outlines biblical principles about the money.