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5 Sermons To Start Your Week

Monday is arguably the hardest day of the week. After hitting snooze for the fourth time, you have to dig deep within your soul to find the will to roll out of bed, leave behind the memories of the weekend, and muster on to start your day and the week.

If this is your life, don’t worry, we at Ambo TV have created a list of five sermons to refocus and motivate you to conquer the week.

1.Helter-Skelter: Morning, Noon and Night pt 1 — Levi Lusko

Sometimes we can be so focused on the busyness of life, whether that’s taking care of our home, our family or our relationship with Jesus, that we lose the “why” behind our actions.  In this sermon Pastor Levi uses the story of Mary and Martha to explain our different reactions to the presence of God. Will you continue in your busyness or stop to rest at the feet of Jesus? This is a great sermon to inspire you to reevaluate why you do the things you do?

2.Divine Immigration — T.D. Jakes

In this sermon, Bishop Jakes talks about immigration not only as physically relocating but also as a state of transition. Building upon the story of Ruth, he discusses how we must handle those moments of migration in our lives when God is taking us from one place to another. If you believe you’re going through a transition in life and need guidance, this sermon is for you.

3. Marvelous Faith — Christine Caine

Do you want the type of faith that causes Jesus to marvel? In this sermon, Cain looks at the only two times recorded in scripture where Jesus marveled at the faith or lack of faith of someone.  She pulls out principles found in each instance that will help you develop a faith that causes Jesus to marvel. If you want to build your faith to a higher level, then this is a great sermon for you.

4.Meaningless: How Much is Enough? — Chris Emmitt

Although “meaningless” is in the title of this sermon, it is anything but. This message serves as a reminder that as you work hard this week, your ultimate goal is not to obtain money or wealth. While those things are not inherently good or bad,  they will never satisfy you like God can; so be sure to make God your priority.

5. Give Your Gifts to God — Priscilla Shirer

Do you feel like God has given you a promise, but instead of receiving it you’ve experienced an increase in hardships? In this sermon, Shirer challenges us to see our struggles not as bad, but as God building us up and preparing us for great things.  It is through the difficulty that our character and gifts are developed.  If your week has started off rough, this sermon will inspire you to reevaluate those negative things in your life to find the positive.


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