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5 Sermons to Start Your Week Off Right!


It’s Monday, and to help you start the week off, we have compiled another list of five sermons to motivate you!

1. “Warfare in the Workplace” — Dharius Daniels

Do you love your job or do you hate it? Regardless of how you feel toward your occupation, in this sermon Pastor Dharius challenges us to shift how we view our workplace. He suggests that “your place of employment may be your place of deployment.” In other words, you have been strategically placed there by God to complete a mission, even if you do not know what that mission is yet. If you’re struggling to find purpose in your job, then the change of perspective offered by this sermon is just what you need.

2. “Don’t Take the Bait” — Lifepoint Church

In this powerful sermon, Pastor Tammie preaches on a very important topic: how to deal with the spirit of offense. God has great things in store for us, but the enemy wants to distract us from our destiny. One way that the enemy does this is through the spirit offense. If you have ever been offended, which is everyone, and want to learn how to properly handle the spirit of offense so that the enemy doesn’t distract you, then this sermon is for you.

3. ” Baby Faith” — Transformation Church

Pastor Mike Todd has a great way of stripping away the pretense that often comes in religious settings and making the Word very real and relevant. This message is no different. It’s the second sermon in his series called “Crazy Faith.” He teaches that before we have bold, crazy faith, we must start with baby faith. If you desire to grow your faith but don’t know where to start, then this message is a must!

4. “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Foothold” — Victory Church

Do you feel like perhaps you’ve let certain attitudes, ideas or people into your life that should not be there? Sometimes the struggles we face come from the things we’ve allowed in our lives. In this message, Pastor Paul teaches on how to not let these negative things have a foothold in your life. After listening to this sermon, you will know how to “close the door” on negativity.

5. “Wind vs. Word (Trusting God’s Timing)” — Elevation Church

This is another great sermon on perspective. Pastor Steven shares that when our brain makes a decision about something, it then collects evidence to support that conclusion. Sometimes, we make these initial decisions based on how we feel and find reasons to support our feelings. However, true freedom in God means that we must make our decisions based on faith, and then trust God’s timing.


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