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4 Preachers Reminding Us About What’s Important This Christmas

Christmas has a funny way of stirring up a variety of emotions in people.

If some of those emotions are distracting you from focusing on the true reason for the season, four preachers are here to encourage Ambo TV with four things to remember this Christmas.

1.God Is With Us During Tough Times

Pastor Ashley Abercrombie of Liberty Church in New York City is sharing a special message for people who may be encountering struggles this Christmas.

“I found that the holidays can be tough for most people. Maybe there’s a dream that did not get fulfilled this year,” the preacher said. “Perhaps a relationship that you hoped would keep going ended, or maybe there was a change in family dynamics that’s now greatly impacting your experience. Holidays can be so hard.”

Even though Christmas could lead people to feel more isolated, anxious and lonely, Abercrombie is sharing a reminder that hope can be found in Jesus Christ.

“.. What gives me great confidence is the idea of the incarnation of God that we have in Jesus that we now have in this day and age in the Holy Spirit. That reminds us that we’re never alone, that God is with us,” she said. “He will always be with us in chaos, in difficulty in change in transition… So be filled with hope this season that you are not alone.”

2. Look For Opportunities To Give Back

Pastor David Carment from Greenville Church in Jersey City, N.J. encouraged people to donate to the less fortunate this season.

“Look to give back this holiday season. Jesus was the ultimate example of the less fortunate, those who didn’t have a seat at the table,” he said. “So if an opportunity arises, you can bless someone who is maybe struggling this holiday season. Jump on that opportunity and show someone the love of Christ through your actions.”

Carment reminded Ambo TV that Jesus has set an example for Christians living today.

“Jesus isn’t just some mythical character that you read about on the pages of an old book. He is a man who took on human form, was God amongst, was willing to go in the most ostracizing situations on our behalf to be an example of what we should be living out as Christians and then take on the ultimate punishment for our sin in death and provide a way for salvation,” he said.

3. Find Joy Where You Are

The Christmas story is a reminder to find joy in life, according to Pastor Jordan Poole of Hope Church in Warner Robins, Ga.

“Christmas to me is a reminder to live my life joyful. I think about when Jesus was born –shepherds came, wise men came to worship Him and people gathered together when Jesus was born,” he said. “I think that still continues during our Christmas season when I get together with friends and family…I think that’s what Christmas needs to be about what our lives as Christians needs to be about.”

The preacher spoke about the importance of enjoying the place where God has you instead of focusing on where you have yet to go.

“So enjoy where your feet are, wherever you are in life. Don’t be so anxious to get wherever you think you should be,” he said. “Enjoy where God has you. You’ll be more effective and you’ll enjoy life a whole lot more.”

4. We Have Reasons To Celebrate

Pastor Stephen Francis from Valley Christian Church in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. is reminding people that Jesus Christ gave us a reason to celebrate his birth each Christmas.

“I really enjoy Christmas because it is a celebration of life. The life I have with my family, the life I have with my friends and most of all the life that we have in Jesus Christ,” he said. “Celebrating that He came in a manger born to a humble woman and grew up to die on a cross so we can have life in him. That’s something that’s so amazing and it’s great to celebrate that each and every year especially in the way that my family likes to do it.”

The eggnog- loving pastor explained how he and his family celebrate Christmas.

“We all come together and we have a great time,” he said. “We read the nativity story together as a family.”