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4 Bible Reading Plans to Help You Dive Deeper Into the Word of God This Year

We are a week into a new year and decade. As this new era dawns, many of us have already started to cast our vision for what we want to accomplish in the coming months and years.

For some, this list of goals covers important areas in our life like physical health, finding your passion and maintaining healthy relationships. As believers, our spiritual health is as important, if not more, as all other areas in our lives, and one way we can stay spiritually healthy is prioritizing the word of God.

We at Ambo TV recognize that the idea of studying the Bible can be daunting for people because you may not know where to start. That is why we have created this list of four Bible reading plans that will take you through the entire Bible this year and help you go deeper into your study of the word of God.

1. The Bible Recap Podcast: Tara Leigh Cobb

This is a wonderful daily podcast hosted by Christian Speaker Tara-Leigh Cobb. She and her team have created resources that allow you to read the Bible chronologically, which helps listeners better grasp the overarching narrative of scripture. Each day you will read the select Bible passages outlined in the plan and then tune in to the podcast to hear Cobb recap what you read. You can also join their online community to ask questions and discuss that day’s reading.

2. Read the Bible: By The Gospel Coalition

“Read the Bible” is an initiative arising from the Gospel Coalition’s partnership with Crossway. According to the website, “the goal is to help individual Christians and churches feast on God’s Word in the coming year.” This reading plan involves four parts: Bible Reading Plan, a daily newsletter, a daily podcast featuring devotional commentaries from D.A. Carson’s book For the Love of God (vol. 1), and online articles.

3. Tear Your Bible Up Reading Plan: Jason Mayfield

Preacher and entrepreneur Jason Mayfield invites us to “tear up our Bible” with his reading plan. Now, for those who just read that and clutched your imaginary (or real) pearls, take a breath. Mayfield is not telling us to literally destroy the Bible. Rather, he wants you to become very engaged with parsing and comprehending the word of God. This is a fast-paced reading plan where you to read the entire Bible almost twice in one year. As you can see in the above video, Mayfield brings high energy and passion to the studying of God’s word.

4. The One Year Bible (NLT)

Maybe podcasts aren’t your thing; you don’t need online articles and have no interest in downloading Bible plans. If that is you, and all you want is a physical Bible that lays out what you should read each day, then The One Year Bible may be for you.  The New Living Translation puts the Bible into present-day vernacular, making it easier to read and comprehend. In as little as 15 minutes a day, you can read through God’s Word each day with readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.