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TobyMac Reflects On Elements Of His Struggles


TobyMac is dealing with some struggles.

In a recent interview for WNY Papers, the Christian music artist and executive was told he seemed to be facing a bit of push back in his career. His transparent response revealed that he feels things are working against him.

“I don’t know if it’s pushback on my career, but it’s definitely pushback on my life. I think things are working against me that maybe we’re unaware of, or things are working against any of us that we’re unaware of,” he said. “Cause I know this: I sort of decide in the morning this is the man I want to be. This is how I’m going to handle that.”

In spite of the obstacles standing in his way, the artist is continuing to strive to be the best version of himself.

“You know, I’m going to walk out this door and I’m going to love people well. I’m going to put others before myself,” he said. “I’m going to be a person of community. I’m going to be a family man.”

Still, things aren’t always easy for him when he has to come home feeling defeated.

And then you come home, and you know, you’re frustrated. You’re selfish,” he admitted. “So, this world is sort of beating you down. It’s working against my goals personally. Like, it’s somehow or another I come home tired, and beat down, and selfish. And it’s not the man I want to be”

Toby isn’t being intentionally cryptic when he speaks about the things working against him. He admitted that he isn’t entirely sure about the specific elements working against him.

“So, something’s causing that. I don’t know; I try to name it sometimes,” he said. “But all I can say is it is sort of working against me. So, all I can really do about that is rise up every morning and re-determine to be the man I want to be.”

Those elements were the inspiration behind his latest album title, “The Elements.”

“I sort of started calling that (“The Elements”) over the last few years…I think that out of just life came that title. And it seems like all the songs sort of work with that thought process,” he said. “And it seems like, whether it’s the beautiful moments or the tough moments, it’s about life.”


(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Gospel Music Association)