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Kari Jobe Says She Attended White House Briefing For Kingdom, Not Politics

Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe

In a polarized political climate, singer-songwriter Kari Jobe explained why she was honored to be invited to what is being called the Faith Briefing at the White House this week.

Chart-topping Contemporary Christian Music artists and worship leaders like Jobe, her musician husband Cody Carnes, Tauren Wells, Riley Clemmons, Danny Gokey, and Bethel Music’s Dominic Shahbon attended the event where they worshipped and learned about faith based initiatives. While many of the musicians said they were honored to be invited, Jobe went into detail about what took place there and why she felt it was a special moment.

“Yesterday I had the honor of going to the White House for a #FaithBriefing with a few other artists and worship leaders. Cody and I were honored to be invited,” Jobe wrote on Instagram. “As I stepped foot into the White House I had to just take a moment and take it all in. I was thinking through how many great men and women have served and led in that house, have come to visit that house, have changed history inside that house. The thing that moved me the most though was the peace I felt. It wasn’t chaotic, it wasn’t heavy..it was peaceful. It’s a home. I thought that was special.”

Jobe revealed the agenda for the briefing which highlighted some initiatives that were of interest to those who attended from the Christian community.


“In the faith briefing we heard from a few government leaders about incredible things that are going on behind the scenes that media and news never talk about. Projects to rescue victims of Human trafficking, rehabilitate former inmates, take care of foster children, help neighborhoods and communities that are falling apart, help rebuild cities after tragedy..just to name a few,” she said. “I sat there with tears in my eyes because these beautiful people get up daily and go to work in a governmental facility and think about people; you and me. They pray and seek God for wisdom for people. It all seemed beyond politics – it was Kingdom.”

While there are some in the faith-based community who question the president’s actions and language, Jobe said she was not interested in engaging in such political conversations. Instead, she was most focused on the work of the kingdom of God.

“I realized there are some Kingdom minded people who work in the White House and that was extremely encouraging. I don’t engage in political jargon and conversations- but I do engage when the Holy Spirit puts a burden to pray or do whatever He has spoken and obey Him,” she wrote. “I was moved and reminded to pray every day for our leaders and government. We won’t always see everything the same, or even agree with everything people say or do..but we are all alive on the earth for such a time as this and what if God is calling new Esthers to rise up?”

Jobe said she left the meeting feeling inspired.

“I’m inspired to stay leaning into the Holy Spirit for our nation and be brave to do whatever He asks, cause it could change History,” she said. “Stewardship of a calling is important and this was one of those important days for me.”


(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for KLOVE)