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(Interview) Juan and Lisa Winans Describe Working with Marvin Winans on New Song “It Belongs to Me” as a Dream Come True

“It felt like it descended; like it was just there,” is how singer Juan Winans describes the inspiration behind the latest single, “It Belongs to Me,” released by him and his wife, featuring their uncle Bishop Marvin Winans.

The inspiring new song from gospel music’s premiere millennial GRAMMY-nominated couple, speaks to the promises of God and how we can declare them over our lives no matter what we are going through.

The couple recently spoke with Ambo TV about their song and explained how its message provides much-needed encouragement as the world deal with the global crisis caused by COVID-19.

For Lisa, this is a profound song because it speaks to the issue of perspective.

“Perspective is important…What are we going to choose to focus on? What are we going to choose to believe? What are we going to choose to meditate on,” Lisa probed. “And I think this song gives us a perspective that we need right now. That faith, that hope, that healing, that joy, that peace belong to us. The idea that God is in control and that He promises a purpose for our lives keeps us going when we’re stuck inside.”

As great vocalists and songwriters, the married duo understands how arduous the songwriting process can be. However, for “It Belongs to Me,” the creative process was much easier. Juan explained that most of the song came to him while driving in his car one day.

“A lot of it I didn’t have to work for it. The melody came. A lot of the words came, kind of all at once,” Juan told Ambo TV. He then shared it with Lisa, who added her ideas to enhance what was there.

The duo decided to collaborate with their uncle, six-time Grammy-award winning Bishop Winans after Juan could not get his voice out of his head. When he initially heard the song, he heard his uncle singing it, but given his admiration for his uncle’s voice that was normal. However, he continued to hear his uncle’s voice as they worked on the song, so he decided to send the song to the Bishop who fell in love with it.

“We sent [the song] to him and over the course of a few months, he came back and said, ‘You know man, I love this song,’” recalled Juan. “And I was like ‘Will you sing it with us?’ And he said yes.”

Bishop Winans added his input to the song, including his classic ad-libs, which added to the timely message of hope and faith.

“There’s an amazing ad-lib that Bishop Marvin did. If I feel a little sick in my body, healing is mine. He talks about peace,” recounts Lisa. She now takes those words to heart when fear of the coronavirus creeps up. “And when…you get a little cough, and you’re like ‘oh God is that the Rona? No, I am healed by the blood of Jesus.”

The Bishop’s ad-lib about healing may have been prophetic. Recently he had a battle with the coronavirus that landed him in the hospital for nearly 10 days. Thankfully he, and other members of the Winans family have recovered from the virus and are doing much better.

Although Juan comes from a legendary family, he admits that he does not take their talent for granted. Both he and Lisa have such great reverence for their uncle and his ministry; they were truly honored that he joined them for the song. This was the first time they asked him to do so.

“It’s an absolute dream come true to have him on a song that started with us and to have him make it so amazing,” stated Juan.

The musical couple was also honored to appear on this season of NBC’s hit show Songland, a reality show highlighting the songwriting process. Each episode features up-and-coming songwriters who pitch one of their songs to well-known recording artists. At the end of each show, the recording artist chooses one of the pitched songs to record.

Juan and Lisa appeared on the episode featuring guest artist Boys II Men. After auditioning for the show the first season and not making it, they were quite thrilled to appear this season. Viewers can expect to see them on May 25.

While we wait to see how they do on Songland, listeners can rest assured that the couple is working hard on new music to have by late summer for their first full-length album. “We’re grinding right now,” Juan says excitedly, “and we have some bangers.”

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