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Jonathan McReynolds Shares A Unique Perspective About Haters

Jonathan McReynolds

(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for BET)

Jonathan McReynolds is putting down his guitar to address the topic of haters.

Instead of lashing out at haters, the 28-year-old gospel music singer is sharing his perspective about people creating their own haters with insecurities.

“We act like haters are actual people. But you know there is nobody sitting in a motel somewhere plotting against you and trying to just stop everything that you come up with,” he said in a conversation with fellow singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard which was posted as an Instagram video this week. “They’re not even paying that much attention to you.”

McReynolds shared his definition of the term haters.

“You know what haters actually is? It’s a personified version of your insecurities,” he continued. “So you feel like, ‘all these haters they’re over there talking about my new song.’ No you just don’t know if that song was good.”

The singer says he has experienced this phenomenon and encountered the most haters when he feels insecure.

“I just notice I have the most haters on things that I’m the most concerned about,” he said. “So instead of haters.. We think that haters create insecurity. Insecurity creates haters.”

McReynolds drove his point home further with his Instagram video caption which admits that some people do dislike others but that isn’t the bulk of many issues.

“HATERRRRS… Yes, people will dislike you. Yes, people will often be threatened by your success,” he said. “That is the human experience. Trust me, most of the real opposition is in your head. This is psychological projection guys. #FullVideoComingSoon @tashacobbsleonard.”

The singer is gearing up for his “Jonathan McReynolds: Make Room” tour featuring special guest Korryn Hathorne. At press, time the show has already been sold out in major cities like Atlanta, D.C., and Richmond, Virginia.

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