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Jonathan McReynolds Pens Funny Bird Box Theme Song

Jonathan McReynolds

On December 21st, Netflix released the highly anticipated movie Bird Box, a thriller about a woman and her two children who must remain blindfolded as they attempt to find safety from a nefarious force plaguing the earth.

Less than a week after its release, the film has inspired countless memes, videos attempting to decode  all the symbolism and hidden messages, and even a sermon series warning parishioners to “leave your blinders on.”

Singer and songwriter Jonathan McReynolds recently found himself joining in the Bird Box phenomenon by writing a funny “worship” song inspired by the film. The Make Room singer wrote the original piece after Christian Comedian KevonStage mentioned McReyonlds in one of his videos.

“After an excellent word, pastor @kevonstage asked me to seal it with a song. Praying that God helps me keep my #BirdBox in 2019,” McReynolds wrote on Instagram.

With his soulful voice and acoustic sound that is the hallmark of his music, McReynolds sang a beautiful melody over the words, “please keep my birds alive, through the river I’ll survive. And over speedbumps we will drive. Please just keep my bird box…Let it go tweet. Lord just keep my bird box.”

While McReynolds song appears to be a mixture of humor and sincerity, KevonStage’s video that motivated McReynolds to write the song was unequivocally meant to be funny.

KevonStage, the comedian known for offering humorous commentary on church and pop culture, recently posted a video mimicking a sermon on the movie Bird Box after a church in Macon, Ga. announced it would offer a sermon series on the film.

In the short clip, the blindfolded comedian offered several points that were hilarious and some may even consider profound.  “Now the holy ghost is the birds in the bird box, amen. The birds sensed the enemy…They were speaking in a birdy tongue trying to warn the people that the enemy was present,” he preached in his feigned pastoral voice.

At the very end of his “sermon,” the comedian invoked McReynolds name as if he was challenging McReynolds to join the ice water challenge, only it was the Bird Box challenge.

“Praise team if you would stand. Jonathan McReynolds, if you would sing a song.”

The singer gladly sealed the sermon his tune.  Now we have to wait to see if it appears on his next album.



(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for BET)