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Joe Morton Reveals Preacher Who Inspired Him For Rev. Role On ‘God Friended Me’ (Interview)


Joe Morton has played everything from an alien to the leader of a secret spy organization over the course of his acting career. When it came time for him to portray a preacher in the new series God Friended Me, he found inspiration in a dynamic man of God.

When preparing to become Rev. Arthur Finer in the new uplifting CBS drama God Friended Me, Morton told Ambo TV that he looked to the chief Bishop of the Episcopalian church, Rev. Michael Curry.

“I looked at Michael Curry because he’s an Episcopalian Bishop and that’s what I’m playing. He’s an Episcopalian minister and I loved his energy,” the veteran actor revealed. “I loved what he brought when he went to the royal wedding so he’s kind of–not all together, but kind of my template when I for the character.”

Rev. Curry is more than a preacher who shared a sermon at the royal wedding last May, he is the first African American to become the primate of The Episcopal Church. In God Friended Me Morton delicately balances the role of being both a preacher and a father whose son Miles Finer has fallen away from his belief in God.

As a preacher at Trinity Church in Harlem, N.Y. for 25 years, the fictitious Rev. Finer is heartbroken by his son Miles’ rejection of the faith he holds dear. However everything changes when Miles receives a mysterious friend request from an account named “God” on social media.

God Friended Me comes on CBS each Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Joe Morton stars in the show alongside Brandon Micheal Hall, Javicia Leslie, Violett Beane and Suraj Sharma.

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