(Interview) Rudy Currence Discusses New Single “I Belong Here,” Winning a Grammy, and Being Called ‘Special’ by Quincy Jones | Ambo TV

(Interview) Rudy Currence Discusses New Single “I Belong Here,” Winning a Grammy, and Being Called ‘Special’ by Quincy Jones

Grammy and Dove award-winning gospel artist Rudy Currence believes the release of his latest single “I Belong Here” is a reflection of God’s perfect timing.

“Who would’ve known that we’d be in a time like right now, two, three years ago when I wrote “I Belong Here ‘’ where people need to hear that you’re not alone; that you got a place in the world. I know that God’s timing is perfect,” Currence said in an interview with Ambo TV.

The powerful new single also speaks to the need for unity and inclusion within the church. Growing up as a pastor’s kid (PK) in the Bible belt, Currence observed how Christians can be a bit narrow in their opinion on what a follower of Jesus Christ should reflect.

“The song really is saying that, there’s a place for all of us, as believers. And I just want to encourage people through the song…Letting people know that you’re not alone that you’re included and that you’re loved by God,” shared Currence.

The lyrics to the song are intentional, as well. They encourage people to know that no matter what they may have done, God’s love covers it all. “There is no greater love that somebody can have for you than to lay down their life” Currence said.

The award-winning artist’s path into the music industry only seemed inevitable based on his family background. He comes from a very musical family that includes renowned gospel producer, singer, and composer Donald Lawrence. He is also a classically trained pianist who produces R&B music as well as gospel.

He remembers his early stages in music saying, “My mom managed me and my brother growing up so that we would get over our stage fright and start perfecting our craft.”

His mother’s efforts paid off and led to a successful career thus far. He has worked with numerous artists including LeCrae, whose song “Gravity” he produced and won both a Grammy and Dove Awards for.

As a huge Clark Sisters fan, he was thrilled to serve as a co-writer for Sheard’s single, “Sunday Morning.” This collaboration earned Currence a nomination for a Grammy Award as well.

However, one of his biggest highlights came when working with the legendary Quincy Jones who told him he was special. He described the experience as surreal.

“Man it was surreal. Because anybody that knows who Quincy Jones is, he’s iconic. He’s a legend in music–in entertainment period,” Currenece shared. “I’ll never forget at the time, we were shooting his video out in LA…on set they told me to sing for him. So I sang a little bit of “song for you’ by Donny Hathaway…and he looked at me and said, ‘This kid is special.’ And you know for someone to kind of bless you like that, especially somebody of his stature, I’ll never forget it. That really affirmed me and encouraged me.”

When Currence is not rubbing shoulders with legends, he enjoys using his Instagram as a resource for encouragement and healing for those challenged by Covid-19.

“I feel like my purpose is to reach people and give people a relief and it was just placed on my heart that a lot of people are practicing sheltering in place….I thought, why not do some in house concerts.”

“I Belong Here” is set to appear on Currence’s upcoming album called Stained Glass Windows, which is expected to be released late summer 2020.

Currence admits that he’s been producing the album for the last few years. “I just want to give people another glimpse of what a believer or what Christian looks like.”

The new single is available on all streaming platforms and wherever music is sold.

(Photo: Mike Chek Ent)