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Here’s Why Taraji P. Henson Took On God-Fearing Activist Movie Role (Video)

There’s a reason actress Taraji P. Henson wanted to play a God-fearing activist for the black community in her upcoming movie.

Henson will star alongside Sam Rockwell in the upcoming civil rights movie, “The Best Of Enemies.” The story is the true tale of activist Ann Atwater and Klan member C.P. Ellis who came together to represent the respective interests of their communities on the topic of school integration.

The story takes place in 1971 Durham, N.C. but Taraji P. Henson signed on to play Ann Atwater in the movie because she saw parallels to the emotions that people are feeling in today’s political climate.

“The state of the world is what made me very passionate about doing this film,” she said in a behind-the-scenes clip of the movie obtained by Ambo TV. “At the end of the day the message is love always wins.”

The featurette includes clips from the film which has faith-based elements in it.

“(The) same God made you, made me,” Henson tells Ellis, portrayed by Rockell in one clip.

The real-life Ann Atwater explained why she boldly spoke up for the black children who needed access to better schools in 70s Durham.

“We know if we didn’t speak up for our children nobody else would,” Atwater explained in the clip.

For Henson, love is the main message in this film.

At the end of the day, the message is love always wins,” she said.

In a previous interview with Third Coast Review, Henson revealed that Atwater hand-picked her to portray her in the film before she died.

“It’s a very real story, and they’re real people. I didn’t get a chance to meet Ann [Atwater]; she passed away, but I did know that she hand picked me to play her,” Henson revealed. “She passed away not too long ago and then he did right behind her—like lovers.”

“The Best Of Enemies” hits theaters on April 5th.


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