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Gospel Singer Tasha Page Working To Empower Women Weeks After Announcing Divorce

Tasha Page

Gospel singer Tasha Page recently announced her divorce, now she wants to help other people transitioning past tough times.

The 35-year-old who also happens to be the daughter of veteran gospel singer Lisa Page Brooks is teaming up with fellow songstress Coko Clemons for an empowerment call. The Christian women are opening up a conference line for people who want to move forward after tragic events like divorce, incarceration, sexual abuse, domestic violence and rape.

The experience called “Life After” will take place on August 29 at 9 p.m. ET and aims to enable women to move past difficult circumstances.

“Let’s skip past the details of the relationship and focus on what’s ahead of us,” Tasha wrote on Instagram Thursday. “Life After tragedy, Life After disappointment, Life After being humiliated publicly doesn’t have to look so bad. Let us help you!”

Earlier this month, Tasha shared her own difficult circumstances by announcing her divorce. Instead of hiding the news from her fans that her marriage of over 10 years had come to an end, the singer decided to take control of her own narrative.

“Family, please remember to stay in control of your own narrative,” she wrote. “It’s truly not ‘breaking news’ if I’ve said it first!”

Tasha is known to share both her tragedies and triumphs with supporters. This week, she was transparent in revealing that she is now dating Bishop Dr. Thomas Vernon House who is the founder of House Global Ministries, Inc. and author of Learning To Be Better Before I Become Bigger.

“I never knew what it felt like to be swept off my feet until now. I’ve shown you all of my flaws and you still want me,” she wrote on Instagram. “The man of my dreams is no longer a figment of my imagination but I’ve been blessed to actually have you in my life.”


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