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‘God Friended Me’ Star Brandon Micheal Hall Talks Church’s Reaction To Show (Interview)

Brandon Micheal Hall says he has been receiving positive responses from the faith-based community concerning his new CBS show, God Friended Me.

Hall was raised by a preacher and considers the church his second family. However, the church’s reaction to him portraying atheist Miles Finer may be different than some would assume.

“I knew when I called my mom and I said, ‘hey mom I’m playing an atheist’ and she said ‘oh.’ I was like I know how this is going to play out,’ Hall told Ambo TV. “What’s interesting though is that the response that we’ve been getting from a lot of the faith-based churches and outreach organizations has been positive because we’re not trying to preach or convert anyone. We’re not trying to bash or throw away anyone’s ideas of religion or spirituality.”

In a world where a lot of people are separated by their beliefs, Hall said the show aims to spark dialogue.

“You can have a Christian, Jewish, Muslim Mosque and then a Crown Fried right beside it all. It’s like how do you have all of these people inside of these buildings talking about something that’s very common, but when you come out everyone is just like ‘no I don’t want to speak,” he said. “What we’re trying to do is just spark a dialogue with everyone and say, ‘ok maybe you do believe in this, how does this impact me. How does mine impact yours and how can we move forward instead of being separate?”

Hall believes people see the positivity in the show where he plays the atheist son of a preacher who is surrounded by people with different belief systems and outlooks on life.

“That’s what we’re doing with this,” he said. “So when that message came across and I believe everyone has picked it up that positivity and love comes back and we’ve received it back.”

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