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Fred Hammond Tweets About Dealing With Thieves


Fred Hammond is combining Biblical wisdom with the knowledge that he gained from being raised in the streets of Detroit to reveal how to deal with conniving people.

In a message posted on Twitter, the gospel music veteran, songwriter and composer let people know what they could expect from such conniving people.

“ #biblicalwisdom and #detroitstreetknowledge : a person/persons who will con/lie to you, steal from you, has to kill your reputation, make you the villain, bc they’ve devalued you as a person,” he wrote in a series of tweets. “No is nothing they can hear from you.”

Hammond reminded people that even when things look bad, God is in control of the situation.

“If you fight back they will point the finger in your direction and as the Bible says they will say to ‘ah ha now we have you,’” he wrote. “But rest assure, GOD really knows and He May let it ride for a sec, but HE will work it in your favor. #noweapon means that.”

Hammomd encouraged people not to allow themselves to be upset by people who exhibit these types of character traits.

“So don’t fret over crooks, thieves liars, the day will come and when it does you will actually feel sorry for them,” he wrote.

While he acknowledged the importance of continuing to show respect to all people, he suggested that they should be kept at a distance.

“If there’s someone in your life like this and after you’ve given time to make the adjustments if they feel like you asking them to stop robbing you is controlling them, respect them but get far away as fast as possible,” he wrote. “But no matter how it plays out forgive them but don’t let them back in your life. Forgiveness and proximity have nothing to do with each other . #cleanyourheart.”

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