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DeVon Franklin Making Live Action Garden Of Eden Film

DeVon Franklin

Even if you don’t read the Bible, you’ve heard the story of Adam and Eve. Now, the familiar story is coming to the big screen.

A modern retelling of what took place in the Garden of Eden is being made into a live-action CGI musical. According to Deadline reports, Hollywood preacher and producer DeVon Franklin is teaming up with Fox Family to bring the film to life.

“The Garden will follow how the first animals and people discover the meaning of friendship, community, and unity in a world that is completely new,” Deadline describes the movie.

Franklin spoke more about the unique film based on scriptures found in Genesis.

“Most of us know a version of the story of the Garden of Eden, but never before has this story been told in such a unique way and it’s the first time we have the technology to see this story come to life like never before,” said Franklin.

In a previous interview with Marketplace, Franklin spoke about making movies being a part of his purpose. He shared more insight about that by reflecting on his upbringing.

“I feel like this is a part of my purpose. You know, I lost my father at the age of 9 from a heart attack, when he died at 36,” he said. “And my mom didn’t have money for therapy. So it was church, and it was entertainment, it was Hollywood, that kind of helped me heal.”

Franklin’s goal is to help others heal in the same way.

“I really felt like, well, I want to be a part of the industry because if this industry can have this type of impact on me, then I want to be a part of an industry that can actually do that for others,” he said. “So that was the goal.”


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