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Danny Gokey Trusts God On Anniversary Of ‘American Idol’ Elimination


This week 10 years ago, singer Danny Gokey was voted off of “American Idol.” Today he is laughing at how God has orchestrated his career since then.

“Today is the 10th anniversary of me being voted off American Idol. The picture on the right is from that moment,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “There have been many highs and lows since the show. One of the major lows was being dropped by my record label two short years after signing with them.”

Looking back at some of those low points, Gokey is reflecting on how much God was working things out.

“I think it’s so cool how even in that moment God had a plan!! I laugh to myself in the fact that God revived my once dead music career AND My newest single at Radio is appropriately called ‘Haven’t seen it yet,'” he wrote. “What’s my point?? You must ALWAYS keep faith and trust in God when dreams and plans around you fall apart!”

The singer reminded people that God works through the power of faith.


“Because God is always doing more than you can see in those moments! Faith and trust are the tools that keep you moving forward till you get to the destiny and calling which God ordained for your story before you were even born,” he wrote. “Many people don’t see those moments because they get stuck in the hopeless and disappointing moments. Don’t let that be you!!”

Gokey reminded people about the Biblical story of Abraham and encouraged them not to lose hope.

“Keep trusting and believing for your that (sic) although it seems like God’s promises are so far off, like Abraham you will hope against all hope that what God ordains for you, you won’t miss,” he wrote.


(Photo: Getty Images/ Terry Wyatt)