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Ambo TV’s Weekly Top 10 Songs

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for Ambo TV’s weekly “Top 10” list.

Each week we bring you 10 great songs (old and new) we think you should check out! Remember, you can follow us on Spotify at Ambo TV so you never miss our top 10. Be sure to follow and listen to our other playlists.

1. Victory Belongs to Jesus — Todd Dulaney

2. Holy Spirit Come — Rita Springer

3. Still — Amanda Lindsey Cook

4. Here’s My Heart (Live) – Casting Crowns

5. Withholding Nothing — William McDowell

6. Another in the Fire — Hillsong

7. How Deep the Father’s Love For Us — Austin Stone

8. Indescribable — Chris Tomlin

9. Persuaded– Keyondra Lockett

10. Better (Remix) — Titus Showers Featuring Canton Jones, Ciara Showers