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7 Hilarious Church Humor Pages You Should Be Followings

The church is a place of worship, a time of reflection and a chance to build community.

But it is also a place where a lot of funny and weird things happen.  And Instagram has several pages dedicated to highlighting the humor of church and church culture.

We at Ambo TV love to laugh and have compiled this list of seven of our favorite Instagram pages you should check out. But be warned, procrastination is a known side effect of following these pages.

1. KevonStage

KevonStage has been making us laugh ever since he was a member of The Playmakers, bringing us classics like 10 Types of Black Preachers. His solo Instagram page is equally as amusing as he offers his own commentary to popular videos and current events, and just random foolishness.


2. Epic Christian Memes

If you love memes and Jesus, then this page is for you. You will find yourself constantly sharing these posts with your churchy friends.


3. Church of laugh

Church of laugh is your spot for a hodgepodge of church humor. You can find the most recent viral church videos, memes, and other original content.


4. Anna Douglas

When Anna Douglas puts on that red coat, you know she’s about to “churchify” the most mundane situation, whether that’s walking on the beach or watching a tennis match. This page is for my prayer warriors who know not to take themselves too seriously.


5. Kevon Carter

Kevon Carter makes the list because whether he’s providing a churchy soundtrack to viral videos, offering commentary or creating original content, we are always in stitches. You will leave each video saying “I felt that!”


6. Trey Kennedy

Trey Kennedy has us rolling with his take on Christian culture. We particularly love his imitations, like the one he did with fellow Christian comedian John Crist, where they imagine what it would look like if biblical figures existed today.


7.  The Best Christian Memes

This is another great page for lovers of memes and church. You will leave this page feeling both entertained, reflective and maybe a little convicted.