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10 Christian TikTokers You Should Follow

For those that do not know, TikTok is a social media app currently dominated by Generation Z. With many social media websites and apps, it is often hard for believers to find content that suits them. It can be difficult to locate our own little Christian community on big platforms.

TikTok is no different, but do not worry. If you have been looking for Christian content on TikTok, this is the article you have been searching for!

Here is a list of 10 TikTokers that are using their platforms for Jesus:

1. Ki. Alexis @Ki.Alexis
Ki.Alexis is Christian TikToker who resides in Florida. She currently has 71,600 followers and 1.8M likes. She spends her time making hilarious but relatable Jesus-filled content. She sells Christian apparel as  well as has an Instagram and Youtube account.

2. Hillary Caitlyn @Whatsuphill
Hillary uses her TikTok to showcase the hope and love of Jesus Christ. She encourages her followers to submit prayer requests and is open with sharing her personal testimony. Like many TikTokers, she strives to help make Christianity and Jesus feel more relatable by doing comedy skits. She currently has 154,800 followers and 2.2M likes.

3. Sophia Ruffin @SophiaRuffin
Sophia is devoted towards bringing people who feel lost, hopeless, defeated to Christ. She is consistently motivating others throughout her TikTok videos. She currently has 56,400 followers and 471.0K likes. Check her out!

4. Taylor Ransom @tayloraransom
Taylor showcases the most hilarious, relatable, and genuine content for believers. He prides himself on being very diverse with the comedy skits he creates. He currently has 27,700 followers and 296.2K likes.

5. Annalise Thompson @annaliseeet
Annalise blesses TikTok with her worship videos, inspirational messages and shares her lifestyle to Christians worldwide. She has 51.0K followers and 885.0K likes.

6. XoXo Monti @xoxomonti
XoxoMonti uses her Tiktok to highlight injustices within the black community while showcasing her love for Christ. She is unapologetically Christian and we love it! She has 26.5K followers and 1.0M likes.

7. Collin LaBrosse @collinlabrosse

Collin is a Christian TikToker who brightens up the world with his videos about Jesus and his smile. He has 391,800 Followers and has 10.7M likes

8. Aatiqah @uhteakuh
Aatiqah is a Tiktoker who spreads the joy of Christ in a big way. She speaks about uplifting and controversial topics within the Christain community while also keeping us focused on who we are here to serve: Jesus. She has 1.1M followers and 21.2M likes.

9. Zach Webb @_zachwebb_

Zach is a musician who sings and makes TikToks for Christ. He loves to inspire and is grateful to be a son of King Jesus. He has 143,800 Followers and 2.9M likes.

10. Melissa Mathews @lissalovely7

Melissa is an actress who makes videos for Jesus and she does it in the most unique way. She has 40,100 Followers and 567.9K likes. Check her out!