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Ambo TV’s Chief Content Officer Brooke Girley Interviewed By Yahoo Finance

The launch of Ambo TV last week has been met with much excitement and interest.

Yesterday, Chief Content Officer Brooke Girley, along with Dan Abrams, discussed Ambo TV with the Yahoo Finance show Midday Movers, hosted by Seana Smith and Adam Shapiro.

As a network focused on finding the next generation of preachers that will reach millennials, Shapiro asked Girley how she goes about finding preachers that fit with the mission and vision of the network.

“For months I’ve been looking at sermons from pastors across the country…I’m looking for pastors who are dynamic, who are compelling—who are staying true to core Christian values,” Girley explained.  “When I saw those pastors I reached out to them and said ‘hey we are doing this new, amazing OTT network’…so I asked them if they want to join and they said yes, and they agreed to partner with us.”

While Ambo TV is an exciting new venture, Smith wanted to know what makes Ambo TV different than other Christian content that exists.

“So there’s no other place where you have live sermons. So as it’s happening in the church, it’s happening on Ambo TV, and you have hosts that are curating that, and are talking about it,” Girley stated, “I love watching sermons, and what I haven’t seen is space where people can come and discuss the sermon with other people live.”

Abrams added that the OTT space is similar to the wild west.  Ambo TV fills a void by creating “compelling content that you can do for hours and hours live.”  

“Pastors have throughout history, have been some of the most compelling speakers, ever,” said Abrams, “and so to me it was sort of amazing that no one has gone in and said, let’s find the next generation of these folks…[who] are focusing on ‘how do I make my life better.’ ”

Ambo TV is also unique because, unlike many other networks, it will not charge pastors to broadcast their sermons.  

“We want to promote you for free,” Girley often says to the churches she contacts, “because we believe in what you’re doing, and we believe it deserves a platform.” 


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