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Jonathan McReynolds Gives Epic Response To Critics Of Him Calling For Prayer Amid Tragedy

Jonathan McReynolds

When gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds called for prayer following the tragic killings that took place recently, some criticized his message.

However, the “Make Room” singer gave a thorough response to some of his social media critics while maintaining his position about the power of prayer.

Last week, media headlines were filled with murders and bomb threats. McReynolds posted a social media message calling for prayer as a response to the devastating news.

“Bombs mailed to democrats. Blacks executed in Kroger,” says the graphic image posted on McReynolds Instagram page. “Jews slaughtered in synagogue. One American week. Maybe we should pray today.”

Some people criticized the message, questioning if people should focus more on the issue of gun violence than prayer.

“Maybe we should do something about the gun violence epidemic in the country,” one person wrote. “But yeah, praying works too.”

McReynolds made it clear that he has been working hard to help improve the state of society while insisting that prayer is needed.

“…We been working on helping people unravel and heal the things that push them to immoral action; been giving scholarships to future leaders of the generation; voting since 2008, engaging with senators, mentors and alderman around my city. Also been trying to provide clear understanding of what I believe is the underlying problem in all this: disconnection from God’s love,” he wrote. “All my Christian friends are mentors in the toughest schools in the city and my sister runs a few of the charter schools here, improving them every year. My mom just retired from her job with the senator and is working with a mayoral campaign. We’ve been adding to the economic and moral base for our communities, giving our lil bros something else to look up to and giving money when we can.”

Still, the singer emphasized the need for prayer.

“More importantly, we pray,” he responded to the critic. “Can’t quantify the results, but we play our position.”


(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for BET)