(Interview) Obi and Belinda Ndu Discuss ‘My Marriage Academy,’ Relationships, and Honoring God With Their Finances | Ambo TV

(Interview) Obi and Belinda Ndu Discuss ‘My Marriage Academy,’ Relationships, and Honoring God With Their Finances

Obi and Belinda Ndu, a Kingdom couple motivated to help people build in business and in marriage, caught up with AmboTV to discuss their ministry.

The power couple has a platform called, “My Marriage Academy,” which includes five video modules that address a range of topics from communication to cheating. According to their website, this marriage resource is to “help couples understand that, when worked God’s way, 100% of marriages can work!”

“We started looking around us and we found that we didn’t find too many examples of people that were successful at it (marriage),” stated Obi. “We both came from broken homes just like a lot of people out here and we knew that everything had a community, and we needed a community. We decided to be the change that we wanted to see.”

Although the couple was intentional about finding and creating community, the formation of “My Marriage Academy” was something they stumbled upon during the process. The Ndu’s began meeting in their basement with two to three other couples. The small gathering was such a success that it quickly grew beyond the space in their basement and eventually turned into their marriage platform.

Coming from a broken single-parent household, Obi was tasked with helping to raise his siblings. He shared how this experience helped shape how he would lead his family. “When I get married, man, I’m not leaving,” he often thought to himself.

The impact that he had on his siblings growing up was far more profound than he realized. It was not until adulthood that his siblings expressed the importance of his presence in their life.

“My brothers both came to me and said to me, brother, I didn’t know what it was like to not have a father because I had you” he shared.

Like Obi, Belinda was committed to having a stable family after coming from a previous marriage that ended in divorce.

“I learned what not to do,” Belinda stated, “I was determined that I would never ever, ever, never ever marry another man again without God telling me it was ok. I totally made that decision on my own…I definitely didn’t consult my maker.”

Now, the Ndu’s are successful entrepreneurs that have five thriving businesses that grossed over two million dollars in 2018. They believe that the biblical principle of tithing ten percent to the Church is what helped them reach their level of financial stability.

“Give God back His ten percent, because the money came from Him anyway. It was a blessing to you, so if you return that back to Him then He says you get to keep the rest,’ Obi explained.

When facing moments of adversity in their own relationship, the Ndu’s confess that they lean on God and continue to pray for each other.

“We go to God and pray for each other [even if we’re] still..mad at them,” said Obi. He adds “we’re always staying around people and information that are like-minded and that are striving and thriving.”

As the world is facing the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Ndu’s shared advice for married couples who struggle with complaining.

“For every complaint, make sure that you’ve done at least ten compliments…because if you have not complimented your spouse, you have not earned the right to complain,” Belinda advises. “When you take the time to actually compliment, you’re spending time to notice the things they’ve done right so when you speak on the things they’ve done wrong, they’re subconsciously remembering those things.”

To learn more about “My Marriage Academy” and Obi and Belinda Ndu, visit their website https://www.obiandbelindandu.com/.


(photo: provided by Ndu’s)