“Blessed are Those who Mourn,…” | The Beatitudes Series | Part 2 | Ambo TV

“Blessed are Those who Mourn,…” | The Beatitudes Series | Part 2

“Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted.”

Matthew 5:4 NKJV

Mourning isn’t something we would like to associate with blessings. I mean we would prefer a better message than this. Every word Jesus spoke was meaningful and as such there are great lessons in this verse. Continue to read as I share what I learned from it.

The above verse I believe covers a lot. Remember Jesus was talking to His disciples during this sermon. I believe, firstly, He was acknowledging the sorrow associated with giving up everything to follow Jesus Christ.

These guys gave up everything. Left their careers, jobs, businesses and families to follow someone they met on the road. They were real humans and I believe all of these things they did came with a cost. Family wouldn’t have been happy. Cancelling on family dinners and meetings all the time because they were on the road with Jesus Christ isn’t something that would have always been received well.

For those who had means of income, living from being certain of money to totally living by faith – not sure if there would be food the next day, wouldn’t have always been a nice feeling. Jesus Christ didn’t overlook how they felt instead He gave them assurance and hope; letting them know that they will be comforted.

We all can relate to the sorrow that comes with our faith. The times you have to keep quiet instead of lashing out on someone in anger. The times you have to forgive that person who constantly annoys you. The times you have to apologize when you should be the one receiving apologies. The times you have to let go of what that person in church did to you. The list is endless.

You see it isn’t always a fun ride walking with God. And sometimes we tend to underestimate the cost of the cross we carry. However like Jesus told His disciples, until we are faced with this, we won’t experience the comfort that only He can give.

I believe He was also referring to the sorrow the disciples were going to experience when He dies. The agony they were going to see Him go through, and the pain of separation when He leaves. Hence He had to tell them later on about sending the Holy Spirit who is The Comforter.

This really warms my heart. He is so intentional about us just as He was with the disciples. He didn’t just leave them to figure things out when that time came. He prepared them for what was to come. What a Leader!

Jesus Christ is very intentional about us too. He cares deeply about our feelings because He went through everything we are and can possibly go through. So He gets it. And not only does He know, He cares enough to do something about our cases.

This verse I believe also covers those who mourn as a result of godly sorrow. That sorrow we feel in the inside of us when we have sinned against God. Whenever we feel that deep sorrow and truly repent, the Holy Spirit comforts us and gives us peace, giving us assurance that God hasn’t forsaken us. It reassures us that we aren’t condemned and that we are still children of God.

Lastly I believe this verse also goes to those who mourn the loss of someone or something that was dear to them. If you’ve ever suffered loss you would understand that there isn’t really any word from a mere human that is as comforting as when the Holy Spirit consumes your heart. That undeniable peace that you can’t explain floods your heart as you begin to feel the warmth of His embrace.

As I meditated on this verse, all I could see was God’s love shinning through. The disciples would have sat there maybe thinking of what they had “lost” as a result of following Jesus Christ. But Jesus didn’t only address their current situations, He also addressed the pain they were yet to experience.

God’s got us! He certainly has our back. He is thinking of our today and tomorrow. Isaiah 53:3 tells us that He is acquainted with grief. He knows how heartbreak and grief feels like. He is familiar with rejection. So if anyone should know how we feel when we hurt, it’s Jesus Christ.

I pray for anyone whose heart is crushed. Anyone who has a heavy heart as a result of losing a loved one. I pray for anyone going through persecution as a result of following Jesus Christ. I pray for those who feel the cross is very heavy at this point in time. I pray that the Holy Spirit, our comforter, will comfort you and give you peace.


Efua Uke is a mentor, blogger, and contributor to Ambo TV.  This article originally appeared on her website Grace Over Pain.