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Leadership Expert Jon Gordon Reveals How He Does Camouflage Ministry (Interview)

For leadership expert and bestselling author Jon Gordon, ministry isn’t just confined to what goes on in the church but can happen in more subtle ways.

“People call me ‘ministry camouflage,’ ” Gordon told Ambo TV when asked how he would describe the work he does.

Gordon, who says his faith is the foundation of all he does, has had an extraordinary career of giving inspiring messages to largely secular audiences like Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, and schools. Using Biblical principles couched in secular language, he is able to bring the message of Christ to unique places.

“I’m able to go into businesses. I’m able to go into sports teams, to schools where maybe a pastor can’t go. And I’m able to go there under the work of leadership and building great teams,” Gordon stated.  “But I know my bigger work is to really bring people together, to unite and build strong teams. God wants that. God wants to develop positive leaders who lead like Jesus.”

When reflecting on how he is able to reach non-religious audiences for Christ, Gordon is quick to acknowledge that it is all God.

“But it’s not my doing. [It’s] God…He chose me and pick this guy who is unassuming…and really was under the radar and then He was able to use me to write these books and put me in these environments to make a difference. So everything goes to Him,” says Gordon.

In his latest book, The Coffee Bean, which he co-authored with Damon West, he again utilizes biblical principles in a story that discusses how to change your environment from the inside out using the analogy of the carrot, egg and coffee bean.  When we reach our boiling point, we can become soft like a carrot, hard like an egg or change the environment like coffee beans.

“I thought that was such a powerful lesson. I had never heard anything like that before,” shared Gordon. “I had been speaking a lot about creating the world inside out. Jesus said the kingdom of God is inside you, right. So the power is on the inside. ”

This is not the first time he used biblical insights in his writings.  In his book The Power of Positive Leadership, he was inspired by the leadership style of Jesus and used Christ’s life as a model on how to lead.

“The Power of Positive Leadership…every principle I basically took through the filter of how did Jesus lead, and if he didn’t lead that way, I didn’t put it in the book,” Gordon explained. “We’re finding when people lead that way they’re having incredible –like huge impact…they’re leading like Jesus, but yet we’re talking secular language.”

Baptized in 2006 at the age of 35, the speaker’s walk of faith began after his friend gave him sermons on CD from Pastor Erwin McManus, the senior pastor at Mosaic Church in Los Angles. The messages resonated with him and brought Jesus to life in a way he had not experienced before.

Gordon did not know McManus at the time, but he wrote the pastor a letter and the two became great friends.  He credits McManus for leading him to Christ and states that he continues to be inspired by McManus and other pastors.

With several projects in the works, this author of eighteen books shows no sign of slowing down. He will continue to incorporate messages of faith into his work because ultimately, he sees himself as offering hope and faith.

“I’m never worried about offending anyone,” the author said. “I…am bringing people a message of hope. I’m talking about love I’m talking about faith.”

To watch the full interview, click on the link above. For more information on Jon Gordon, you can visit his website at jongordon.com.


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