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Candace Cameron Bure Promotes Culture of Kindness To College Students

When speaking at the Liberty University convocation this week, actress Candace Cameron Bure spoke about the importance of promoting a culture of kindness.

Bure revealed that while co-hosting daytime talk “The View” for two seasons, she was able to represent Jesus Christ among people with opposing views.

“My whole goal for that show was to be kind and respectful and to truly represent Christ in my speech…When I talk to people, I want to listen, and have compassion, or empathy, or see where you are at in your life so that I can understand your point of view,” Bure said, according to the Liberty website. “I don’t know anyone that has ever changed because someone yelled and screamed at them.”

The “Fuller House” actress encouraged students who attended the convocation to be kind in the face of conflict.

“That’s what the world sees in us as Christians, our character,” she said. “We can recite whatever Bible verses we want … but if they don’t see us walking the walk … then we are not representing Christ.”

She also reminded the college students about the importance of pursuing multiple industries as believers.

“If you are not in every type of business out in the world, then who is going to be doing it?” Bure said. “We have to be in spaces that are not only in a Christian bubble. We have to get out there so we can be an influence to other people.”

As a Christian in Hollywood, Bure is careful about the types of roles that she selects. However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have to struggle to fight for what she believes in her career.

“I don’t win every battle but I’m fighting (for my values). I know it is honoring to God,” she said. “… Every little difference, every little fight, makes a difference for God.”


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